E-Brief | Apr 23, 2015

Ending Piecemeal Abortion – State By State

By: Christian Brugger

A thought experiment.  Imagine a woman falling asleep in 1955—the year the “The Mickey Mouse Club” debuted—and waking in April 2015 to hear the reply of DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fl.) to Rand Paul’s question: “Is it okay to kill a 7-Pound Baby in the uterus?”  Schultz’ reply: “I support letting women and their doctors make this decision without government getting invo

E-Brief | Apr 21, 2015

I Thought That Only Happened In Other Places…

By: Frank J. Moncher

Recent media reports (caution: these reports contain graphic details, be careful in reading them) have raised the profile on a disturbing, scandalous and distressingly dark side of humanity:  there are a number (fortunately it seems a small number) of powerful men in politics, entertainment and academia who have been involved in the sexual abuse and organized exploitation of children over the past few decades.

E-Brief | Apr 16, 2015

NOT Your Mother’s Mother (or Father’s Father)

By: Frank J. Moncher

I concluded a recent piece here by stating that “Children need the time and space to grieve an absent (or infrequently seen) parent, and need the adults in their lives to guide them in this process, not expect emotional support from them….”  But what is one parent to do

E-Brief | Apr 7, 2015

Fostering Self-Worth or Narcissism? What Should Parents Know...

By: Frank J. Moncher

Every parent should know that their child is God’s gift to them.  For some parents, the intuition that the precious life will somehow become a part of God’s bigger plan for their family arises from the moment the little stick turns blue.

E-Brief | Apr 2, 2015

Caring When There Is No Cure

By: Pilar Calva

The Pontifical Academy for Life dedicated an assembly last month to the elderly and palliative care, a difficult issue when decisions for loved ones have to be made.