E-Brief | Feb 19, 2015

It’s Not Over Yet: Upcoming Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Case Is Just the Beginning

By: Margaret Datiles Watts

Last month, the U.S. Supreme Court announced it will decide on the question of same-sex marriage.  The Court will rule on two issues: (1) Whether or not a state ban against same-sex marriage is constitutional and, consequently, whether there is a federal right to same-sex marriage under the U.S.

E-Brief | Feb 17, 2015

Is It Ethical To Create Babies From Three DNA Sources? Absolutely Not

By: Christian Brugger

On Monday, February 2, the UK Parliament voted to permit the creation of “three-parent embryos.”  If the House of Lords follows suit next month, which is expected, the UK will become the first country in the world to permit the creation of human embryos with genetic material (DNA) from three different people.

E-Brief | Feb 12, 2015

The Father Figure: “Symbolically Absent, Missing And Removed”

By: Frank J. Moncher

In a recent Papal audience, Pope Francis took up the issue of fatherhood and its role in the family and in civilization.  While recognizing that there have always been cases of authoritarian, overbearing fathers who did not respect the personal needs of the

E-Brief | Feb 3, 2015

Finding a True Self or a Set-up for Regret: Transgenderism Revisited

By: Frank J. Moncher

As experience with Transgenderism—identifying with or expressing a gender identity that differs from the one which corresponds to a person’s sex at birth—grows, an amazing polarity seems to be developing. 

E-Brief | Jan 28, 2015

Touch Is Healing, And Complicated

By: Frank J. Moncher

“The Snuggling Industry Takes Off, but Clothes Stay On; Spooning or Tickling Sessions for a Fee” reads the subtitle to a recent post in the Wall Street Journal.  Apparently, thousands of customers across the country are booking appointments with “professional” (th