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Porn Harms: Law and Science Reflect Natural Truth

In an overwhelming (82-8) bipartisan vote, the Virginia House of Delegates approved a measure earlier this month recognizing that pornography leads to societal and individual harms, joining Utah and South Dakota as states that are recognizing pornography’s adverse effects. While religious groups have long recognized the destructive impact of pornography, and the sciences have begun documenting this phenomena increasingly over the past several years, it is significant that another legislature is seeing the need to codify this truth. Read

SCOTUS Nominee Gorsuch – A Look ahead

Last night, President Trump nominated 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. A graduate of Columbia, Harvard Law and Oxford, Gorsuch studied under the preeminent moral philosopher John Finnis. His firm grounding in sound legal reasoning and the natural law means he will not concern himself with the outcome of a case but rather with the reasoning and logic behind it. That won’t be popular with those who like to use the courts to achieve their desired ends. Let the circus begin. Read

Why We March

After 8 years of pro-abortion policies, political persecution and media denial, we now have an administration, the Senate and the House not only listening to our voices, but supporting what we say and know to be true: Human life is sacred, and the state, by its very nature, bears the great responsibility of protecting the right to life. Read

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