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The Need To Belong: Nothing New, But A Crisis Nonetheless

A client of mine, an articulate, attractive, divorced woman in her 30s with a traumatic family background, was discussing in therapy the common dearth of true friendships among her peers. Few, it seems, have any real relationships. Rather, they have “situationships.” The Urban Dictionary says a situationship “is a relationship that has no label on it. Its like a relationship, but more of a situation.” What it really is, is lonely. And we were not meant to be alone. Read

Assisted Suicide in D.C.

September is Suicide Prevention Month. To celebrate, the D.C. Council is considering a measure to legalize physician-assisted suicide with a bill which surrealistically claims “actions taken in accordance with this act do not constitute suicide, assisted suicide, mercy killing, or homicide under the law.” We are reminded of Humpty Dumpty who tells Alice that when he uses a word “it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.” Read

Now Popular in Venezuela? Sterilization Day

It was recently reported that the Miranda clinic in Caracas is now sterilizing 40 women a week during its weekly “sterilization day” and has a waiting list of 500 women. This is the solution proposed for a country which exhausted its supply of birth control in July 2015 and is now out of most medicines. While avoiding pregnancy in difficult times can be well intentioned, good intentions do not justify immoral means. Read

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