E-Brief | Jan 8, 2015

Reality Dating And Real Courtship – Can One Lead To The Other?

By: Frank J. Moncher

The options for dating in the 21st century are many and complex.  One need not look long before encountering an internet or television advertisement for some form of on-line dating, many with a specific demographic focus: religious preference, age cohort (from teens to 50+), occupation (e.g., farmers only), and race.  In the increasingly complex world and rapid pace of life, it is und

E-Brief | Jan 6, 2015

American Youth And ISIS: What’s The Attraction?

By: Frank J. Moncher

2014 witnessed the rise of a new terror group, a group that has made its name through brutality manifested by graphic, videotaped beheadings of westerners.  Ironically, some of its recruits are increasingly coming from the West, and surprisingly, some of these are American youth.  A trio

E-Brief | Dec 29, 2014

Is Teaching And Preaching Against Same-Sex Marriage “Hate Speech?”

By: Margaret Datiles Watts

The conjugal view of marriage as between one man and one woman has increasingly been characterized by same-sex proponents as based on bigotry and prejudice, and contrary to human rights.  Organizations that advocate for re-defining marriage refer to the conjugal view as “discriminatory” and a violation of civil rights.  Some ju

E-Brief | Dec 22, 2014

Early Childhood Education: Who’s In Charge?

By: Frank J. Moncher

Earlier this month, President Obama declared that early childhood education is “one of the best investments we can make” and proposed $1 billion in additional such funding.  His concern is that less than one-third of four-year-olds are enrolled

E-Brief | Dec 17, 2014

Teen Sexting: A Problem, And A Symptom Of A Bigger Problem

By: Frank J. Moncher

Earlier this year, in traditional, rural, central Virginia, the Louisa County community was rocked by the discovery of hundreds of pictures of local high school girls on Instagram; many of which, if on the big screen, would have merited an “X” rating.  Although the county is not immune from common problems in certain quarters such as drug dealing, teen pregnancy and gang activity, wha