E-Brief | May 27, 2015

Stemedica Cell Technologies and Moral Objections to “Adult” Stem Cells


The San Diego-based biotech company, Stemedica Cell Technologies, recently received attention for providing the “adult” neural stem cells that treated two sports heroes, hockey legend Gordie Howe and football MVP John Brodie.  The company on its website proclaims its competence in th

E-Brief | May 21, 2015

“Her” And Her Invisible Boyfriend

By: Frank J. Moncher

“The future of sex includes robots, virtual reality, and drugs to address women’s sexual function” says Dr. Laura Berman, touted as a “sex and relationship expert” by the Wall Street Journal (April 26, 2015).  Dr.

E-Brief | May 19, 2015

The No-Debate Gender Debate: Passion Trumps Reason At A Local School Board Meeting

By: Frank J. Moncher

Because I have been reflecting on the issues surrounding transgenderism over the past two years, when my local school board

E-Brief | May 11, 2015

Problems Brewing for Pro-lifers in Illinois - An ethical assessment of SB 1564

By: Christian Brugger

The Illinois General Assembly is considering a bill that will have grave effects on the freedom of conscience of Catholic hospitals and pro-life healthcare workers.  Senate Bill 1564, which passed the Illinois Senate in April and is now before the House, will alter the existing Health Care Right of Conscience Act of the State of Illinois by introducing “protocols” requiring instit