The Orgins of our Population Control Part II

junior_fellow__jeremy.jpgIn Part I the destruction of the Personalist view of man was briefly outlined in order to show the intellectual and spiritual preparation that set the stage for the present disregard for the human person in modern science and medicine.  There was a shift that seems to have taken place in the realm of goods, namely from the good of the person to the good of society.  Thomas Hobbes and John Locke showed the world that if you acted for yourself society would benefit from what Tocqueville would come to call “enlightened self-interest.”  But as Richard John Neuhaus states, we must consider the dignity of “the individual situated in community.”(1)   Neuhaus is making a profound observation about the nature of man, that in effect man can only actualize his potential in community.  When man no longer sees himself as a part of community (gemeinschaft) but merely a member of society (gesellschaft), he no longer shares a desire to act according to a common good but the good for himself.(2) Read