Gendercide: The Child of “Choice” and the Feminist Movement

gendercide.jpgGendercide through sex-selective abortion has resulted in the loss of at least 163 million girls and a global imbalance in sex ratios.  The United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women has described this as “the most telling indicator of women’s devalued position in society,” and condemned sex-selective abortions as “grave forms of discrimination against women.” [1] The United Nations is not alone in identifying this global problem.  Within the last year, researchers and newspapers have brought heightened attention to this issue.  For example, in March 2010, The Economist featured a striking cover story entitled, “Gendercide: The worldwide war on baby girls.”  And just this June 2011, researcher Mara Hvistendahl published Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls and the Consequences of a World Full of Men, a book that The Wall Street Journal has hailed as “one of the most consequential books ever written in the campaign against abortion.” [2] Read